Data Standards

HMIS Data Collection Privacy Policies

WHAT THIS IS: When you request or receive services, we may collect basic data about you and your household that may be shared with other HMIS partner agencies. We do this to better serve households and to not duplicate information. This also allows HMIS partners to work together to provide services to you, members of your household, and persons and families in need.

What data is shared?

Your data includes demographic information, where you have been staying, and issues underlying homelessness. Collecting this will help us count people, and have resources for everyone who is homeless. It will also help each agency better serve people in need of assistance. The specific ways in which this agency may use your information are outlined below.

How will data be protected?

Your data is entered into a computer program that is protected by passwords and encryption technology. In addition, each agency must sign an agreement to maintain the security and confidentiality of the information. Any person or agency that violates the agreement may have their access right terminated and may be subject to further penalties. Records are protected by federal, state, and local regulations governing the confidentiality of client records and cannot be disclosed without written consent unless otherwise provided for in the regulations.

How do I benefit by providing the requested information and sharing it with other agencies?

By sharing your information with other agencies, you may receive services faster, be able to avoid being screened again, and minimize how many times you have to tell your “story.” You also help agencies document the need for services and funding. This will enhance the community’s ability to provide the most effective services and housing possible.

What are my rights?

• You can choose to forbid this agency to disclose your personal information and information of listed dependents to other collaborating HMIS participating agencies. Signing a release form is completely voluntary.

• A list of collaborating HMIS participating agencies is available to you upon request.

How will the data be used?

• Your information will be shared with other  HMIS participating organizations that agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of the information.

• HMIS participating organizations using your information can conduct computer matching with other government agencies including Federal, State, Tribal, or Local Agencies.

• Data derived from your information will be used to report to funders, state agencies, and for advocacy purposes. • Data will be used to better show the need for services and assistance in our state

• To keep required statistics for state and federal funders.

• Releasing information about you or your legal dependents could give another HMIS participating agency information about where you have been served and would confirm that you have been receiving services from this agency.