The Healing House

Did You Know? Uninsured women have more than a 93% increase in risk of breast cancer mortality within five years of diagnosis, compared to women with managed care, HMO, or PPO coverage.

Imagine all of the things you think and feel when you find out you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, all the things you worry about, all the things that are unknown. Now imagine that six months after you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you are in the toughest part of your treatment and your finances have been drained, and you learn that you are losing your home. You don’t know what resources are available to you or where to turn, you have just been focusing on making it through the chemo.

Now imagine that just when you are about to break down, you call a phone number you saw at the local clinic and the voice on the other end says she understands, she knows what you are going through and that it’s going to be okay. Imagine she says she has a place for you to stay where you will get warm meals, support in getting to treatment, help accessing resources for low/no-cost treatment or income such as disability benefits, and a support system of professionals and other women going through similar situations. Two weeks later you are going to treatments, you are getting counseling and other support services. You come back to a home and new friends, and you have a case manager working with you to handle your finances and potential income sources. You have a place to use a computer to gain job skills for after your recovery.

Imagine you went from thinking you had run out of choices, to being surrounded by people helping you make them. This is our  Healing House program.

In Orange County, alone, more than 300 women die of breast cancer each year. Watch Denise’s story to learn more.

Marta’s Journey

GHH clients tell heartbreaking stories. Marta’s descent into homelessness followed a mastectomy, the death of her husband, and the loss of her job, home, and car. Living on the street, her cancer worsened. Too weak to stand, an ambulance took her to a hospital where a doctor gave her Je’net’s phone number in November of 2011. Living at The Healing House Marta got an opportunity to abide in a warm, loving environment surrounded by women who understand her struggle. When she could fight no longer, Marta received excellent hospice care on site at the Healing House. On September 16th, 2012 Marta peacefully passed on into the loving arms of our Savior. We will miss her. Watch Marta’s Journey below.