Hope Works! is Grandma’s House of Hope’s Workforce Development program, aimed at assisting the women in our transitional housing programs as well as adults of low-income families who have little choice but to live in motels in Orange County. The program consists of three computer labs stationed throughout Orange County: locations at our two shelter sites, and a location at the El Dorado motel, where we serve many of our Nana’s Kidz clients.

I Can Support Myself!

I came to Grandma’s House of Hope in April 2011 of this year from an abusive marriage and had to leave my home. I was only working a temporary job at the time and it ended in September of 2010, and couldn’t find work. Always having a job or falling right into one, I had never been unemployed for more then a month and never had to use a resume. Julia in our “workforce development” program helped me with preparing a resume, cover letter and job applications. Putting me through some mock interviews gave me the edge I needed.My job search went for 3 months and now I have a great job! It is a permanent dispatching job for an ambulance company. “I can support myself!” I am forever grateful for Grandma’s House for their dedication, love and hard work! Thank you so much for helping me…I will never forget you or how I got here!


We are seeking interns and volunteers to help oversee GHH’s Workforce Development Program on-site. Our goal is not simply to help these people sustain; our program is designed to assist these people in improving their situation – to focus on life skills that will help them get out of their current condition.

Duties include administering small classes in: computer skills, job searching skills, life skills, writing workshops, educational opportunities and more to help prepare these people to secure jobs in the workforce. Interns and volunteers will be working in small groups or one-on-one with the women of our shelters and with adults of “motel families.”

Volunteers/interns should have at least a bachelors degree, but adults with comparable work experience are acceptable also. Teaching experience is preferred, but not required.

For more information about volunteering your time for the Hope Works! program, please contact our office.

Grandma’s House of Hope is an Orange County United Way partner agency.