Nana’s Kidz

Nana’s Kidz provides weekend and summer nutritional support for children living in motels. These children rely almost entirely on the school cafeteria and free lunch program for meals. So what happens on the weekend, or during summer, when the cafeteria is closed? Additionally, these children face the hardship of living in homeless condition, such as a motel. By removing a major stress in these children’s families’ lives, Nana’s Kidz is building an opportunity for them to seek a more stable living condition.

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Children living in unstable housing conditions in Orange County grew by 30% in 2009, to nearly 22,000 children. With parents struggling to make ends meet and working multiple jobs to simply pay for limited housing, regular meals can become a luxury. Undernourishment can impact a child’s ability to concentrate along with their health, which can lead to missed school and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and aggression.


volunteers_pg5 CROPPED 43% of youth in Orange County qualify for the Free and Reduced Meals Program at their school, which means these children are also struggling at home and potentially going hungry at night.