Every Woman Matters: Grandma’s House also helps women who have no detectable issue at all, other than they are currently without housing and want to see their lives turned around.


GHH partners with Breast Cancer Angels and Breast Cancer Solutions. 1 in 4 people in the United States are impacted by breast cancer. Imagine the number of homeless women impacted in your community.“Last October, out of the blue, my life changed. I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. ‘One in a million,’ they told me. ‘But rare means unique,’ says Denise, my housemate. GHH gave me the opportunity to start healing from my tears, my pain, and the anguish I was dealing with. I am truly blessed!”

Click here to view an interview with Denise, a breast cancer survivor and former resident of our transitional housing program.



GHH partners with the OC Human Trafficking Taskforce. 85% of teenaged runaways in the U.S. are approached by a trafficker within 48 hours. 60% leave with them. Imagine the young victims of human trafficking in need of sales and services. “I felt like I was useless. Had no hope, you know? But these nice people came to the rescue house I was put in. They made me feel like life could change and I started to feel different inside. My life now is completely different. So now, I am willing to tell my story for other kids who feel like torn up inside. I want them to find what I have found to known they can feel love.”

Click here to watch Jessica’s story.


1/3 of older adults in Orange County have a disability. 7.6% of older adults are living under the poverty level. Imagine how many disabled seniors are struggling in a homeless situation. “I am a 59-year old senior with heart problems, glaucoma, and diabetes. I am also a domestic violence and rape survivor. Through Dayle-MacIntosh, I reached Je’net Kreitner who rescued me from a motel. Through these kind programs, my case manager and I have crafted an appeal for SSI/SSDI. The blessings and support are overwhelming and my gratefulness will forever be in debt for my health, pleace of mind, and my life.”

Click here to view an interview with Judie, a senior resident of our transitional housing program.

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to view a video about Rosalie’s journey to Flag Is Up Farms.

GHH partners with the Institute of Advanced Studies. Nearly 8% of OC low-income residents have a serious mental illness and are in need of treatment. Additioanlly, adults with serious psychological distress (SPD) are more likely to use illicit drugs, be heavy drinkers, or participate in binge drinking. Imagine the women facing housing challenges while also struggling with mental illness and addiction.“I was looking for a home that would be good for my well-being. The housing specialist at W.I.T. had GHH on the paper I researched from. I am truly blessed to have a second chance at life, that I’m still alive, and that I’m in not only one, but two programs that care about me. I like the people around me because they understand me.”

Click here to view an interview with Shauna, a former resident of our transitional housing program.