About Us

Our mission: Empowering the invisible populations of Orange County. We say “Yes!” when everyone else says “No.” 

Our vision:
 When our good works are done, we envision a thriving, supportive community full of caring and productive individuals where everyone has a safe place to call home.

Love and Compassion: A faith-based approach to healing and forgiveness in a safe and hopeful environment. Respect and Acceptance: A non-judgmental celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of humankind. Honesty and Integrity: An ethical approach to supporting personal growth and family values.

About Us

Grandma’s House of Hope (GHH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to improving the quality of life for Orange County’s most vulnerable, underserved and socio-economically disadvantaged community members by providing housing, food and trauma-informed supportive services. GHH’s mission is to Empower the Invisible Populations of Orange County by targeting those who truly slip between the cracks of other programs, with a specific focus on serving those who are ineligible for or who have significant difficulty accessing other organizations’ services. We accomplish this through three core programs: GHH’s Rescued and Restored Housing Program, Nana’s Kidz program and HopeWorks! Education and Enrichment Center program.

GHH’s Rescued and Restored Housing Program offers emergency, bridge and long-term supportive housing as well as food with which to prepare three meals a day, services to meet basic needs, care coordination, case management/advocacy, counseling, workforce development, 12-step programs and individualized care to homeless women, with or without very young children, and homeless men. GHH started with only one home and now runs 14 housing facilities in 9 locations throughout Orange County, operating year-round with a total of 157 beds. Our Nana’s Kidz program provides healthy meals to homeless and unstably housed children and families on weekends and during school breaks. Our HopeWorks! Education and Enrichment Center (HWEEC) program offers after-school programs and adult education to 165 low-income housing residents in Anaheim. Collectively through these programs, we fill gaps in basic needs by providing housing, food, trauma-informed care and enrichment activities to 3,500+ people in Orange County every year.

Since GHH began in 2004, GHH has remained dedicated to serving the most marginalized, traumatized, uniquely challenged and deeply impoverished women, children and men throughout our county—including homeless individuals with untreated cancer or other acute illnesses; victims of human trafficking, domestic violence or other violent crimes; chronically homeless; individuals with mental health disabilities; and women in later-term, high-risk pregnancies. For over 15 years, GHH has provided more than 2.4 million meals to unstably housed children, outreached to more than 24,000 homeless, and rescued and restored more than 2,700 homeless individuals—the vast majority of which have been abused and traumatized women—to permanently improve their life circumstances and break the cycle of poverty, homelessness and abuse.