Je’net Kreitner: Resurrecting Hope


 About the Book 

In a world of silence, Je’net courageously gives a voice to the voiceless in her autobiography entitled Resurrecting Hope. Je’net recounts her experiences as a young girl living in a two-parent household; music lessons, art classes, Campfire Club, PTA meetings, and birthday parties. Outwardly, her family appeared to be a healthy loving middle-class family. Inwardly, the mask of abuse fell at the foot of a little girl’s bed, revealing its true evil. Je’net digs deep into the wounds of her soul for the purpose of pulling back the blanket of silence so that the reader may have a glimpse of what childhood abuse looks like, feels like and acts like…from the inside. Je’net’s story takes us on a journey of childhood sexual abuse by way of domestic human trafficking and incest, to the underbelly of society by way of drugs and homelessness, to healing and restoration, and finally to triumph by way of discovering her life’s purpose and helping thousands of people resurrect hope!

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