Grandma’s House of Hope consists of a wide variety of programs and services to under-served and underprivileged women and children in Orange County and its surrounding areas. Listed below are the programs that make up GHH:

GHH Transitional Housing Program specializes in serving uniquely challenged men and women who may have difficulty finding a program to fit their individual needs. These “invisible populations” include human trafficking victims and women struggling with breast cancer, dual diagnosis, other sever mental and physical disabilities, as well as women with no diagnosis but with a particular need for love, hope and a place to heal.

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Nana’s Kidz provides weekend and summer nutritional support for children living in motels. These children rely almost entirely on the school cafeteria and free lunch program for meals. So what happens on the weekend or during the summer when the cafeteria is closed? Additionally, these children face the hardship of living in a homeless condition. By removing a major stress in these children’s families’ lives, Nana’s Kidz is building an opportunity for them to seek a more stable living condition.

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Hope Works! workforce development is GHH’s newest program. Launched in early 2011, the program consists of three computer labs in the Anaheim and Garden Grove area that serve the ladies in our transitional housing program, along with the parents of children in our Nana’s Kidz program. Clients are provided with free computer, internet and printer access to create and print resumes and search for jobs. Basic computer skills and job-searching strategy classes are also provided as well.

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