The Need

According to the 2011 Homeless PIT Count and Survey 6,939 people experience homeless night in Orange County. However with most statistics related to homelessness, including the PIT Count, it is generally acknowledged only a fraction of the actual numbers are reported. The number of people in Orange County received Cal WORKs cash assistance increased 20% in one year, rising to a monthly average enrollment of 52,528 recipients in 2009/10. Food Stamps enrollment jumped 37% during the same time period, on top of a 24% rise in 2008/09. Further, according to the 2011 Orange County Community Indicators Report, the hourly wage needed to rent a one-bedroom, fair market value, apartment in Orange County is $25.52, equivalent to $53,080 per year. In other words, households making minimum wage would have to work 130 hours per week to afford a one-bedroom apartment.

Women’s Housing Program
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Our Women’s Housing Program specializes in serving uniquely challenged women who fall between the cracks of existing programs. These “invisible populations” include human trafficking victims, breast cancer patients, and women with severe mental and physical disabilities.

HopeWorks! Education & Enrichment Center
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The newest addition to our HopeWorks! program is the 2,500 square foot HopeWorks! Education and Enrichment Center (HWEEC), which opened in 2014 at a low-income housing development. The center provides workforce development services, youth programming, family classes, after-school tutoring, adult education, and health and wellness classes conveniently located on-site.

Nana’s Kidz
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Nana’s Kidz provides weekend and summer nutritional support for children living in motels, along with annual outreach events and holiday parties that gives every child in the program necessities such as new shoes, a new backpack with school supplies, and toys for Christmas.