The Need

Every year, more than 12,000 people are homeless in Orange County (“Homeless Count & Survey Report” – 2-1-1 OC, 2015), and the homeless women who are the most vulnerable are ineligible for, or have difficulty accessing, the majority of Orange County’s housing programs because of the complexity of their cases, medication regimens, and needs.

Additionally, parents are struggling to make ends meet, work multiple jobs to simply pay for limited housing.  Regular meals can become a luxury expense.  Studies done at Harvard University and Tufts University state that children who are undernourished have a limited ability to concentrate, are more likely to miss school due to illness, and are characterized by a higher rate of depression, anxiety and aggression.

With so much need, what’s being done? Grandma’s House of Hope fights homelessness, poverty and hunger through our multi-program approach.

Women’s Housing
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Our Women’s Housing Program specializes in serving uniquely challenged women who fall between the cracks of existing programs. These “invisible populations” include human trafficking victims, breast cancer patients, and women with severe mental and physical disabilities.

HopeWorks! Education & Enrichment Center
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The newest addition to our HopeWorks! program is the 2,500 square foot HopeWorks! Education and Enrichment Center (HWEEC), which opened in 2014 at a low-income housing development. The center provides workforce development services, youth programming, family classes, after-school tutoring, adult education, and health and wellness classes conveniently located on-site.

Nana’s Kidz

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Nana’s Kidz provides weekend and summer nutritional support for children living in motels, along with annual outreach events and holiday parties that gives every child in the program necessities such as new shoes, a new backpack with school supplies, and toys for Christmas.